Religious Karaoke: technology in the Church

When you think about projectors you may think of personal use in the form of home cinema installations. Or business use perhaps in the form of presentation equipment. Or even education use in schools and universities. What wouldn’t usually immediately come to mind though would be the presence of projectors of the Church, in reality though technology is as present in the Church as any other sector.

You may have seen AV Installs pop up in the Telegraph recently as the fact is that Churches are spending more money year on year on audio-visual systems including projector screens and LCD TVs. As we mentioned in the article, technology in the Church has always been there it’s just moved more visible as time passes. Granted it’s an initial outlay for the Church, but in the long term replacing hymn books is a more cost effective solution to purchasing books year on year.

Technology in the Church is not new news though. For example, there has been the ability to record services for decades now along with radio and television which provides parisioners access to religious programmes at the push of a button. Not only that though, as computers provide efficiencies to the Church in the same way they do in every other industry. As an extension of that, the internet allows parisioners to connect in ways that were not possible in the past. The next generation is social and in order to attract them to services, then Churches are recognising that they should be too.

To stay relevant, the Church is evolving and the services themselves are embracing technology too as audio-visual plays a huge part in facilitating communication with parisioners. Amplifing sound in services means that all parisioners can hear the service. In addition to this, projectors mean that parisioners can now see more clearly and they help to make the service more accessible to everyone.


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Product Focus – Projector Lifts

Last month we took you through the history of the projector, all the way through from Chinese lanterns in 200BC all the way up to modern digital projectors. Luckily in today’s modern age, we no longer have large, cumbersome equipment which are difficult to store, and with the addition of projector lifts, we can even hide it out of sight for a sleek and smooth finish.

Similar to our TV lifts, a projector lift is a basically an electrically powered system which allows the user to conceal their projector into ceiling voids. At the press of a button people are able to lower the projector down to a height that has be pre-set which makes it both consistent and reliable, ensuring that the project returns to the same setting every time without having to set it all up manually.


Perhaps you’re not sure if your facilities warrant a projector lift? Then don’t worry though as projector lifts come in a variety of sizes to accommodate everything from small meeting room projectors right through to large installation projectors. They also come in a variety of drops so there really is a projector lift for every job.

Perhaps you have a meeting room which needs a variety of equipment or you have an establishment such as a church or Victorian building where you’d like electronics hidden. Maybe you have a hotel or conferencing facility where rooms have dual uses in which case equipment needs to be stored when not in use or even a home cinema where you would like a smooth and clean finish. Whatever your need, then there is a lift that will be able to meet it.

An added benefit to using a lift is that it removes the need to either disconnect the projector or stand on ladders, access towers or cherry pickers to change a bulb. The lift allows the user to lower the projector to ground level for easy maintenance. Not only that though as projector lifts offer an enhanced level of security as when not in use, equipment is stored way, safely out of sight from potential thieves.


There are a wide variety of lifts to choose from. The most common is one that uses a scissor mechanism to move the lift up into its casing or into the ceiling void. However, there are also mirror lifts available for standard height ceilings which when the projector is mounted above the ceiling in the void and a mirror folds down into the room to reflect the projected image onto the screen or wall.

In our store, we have a wide range of lifts ranging from the Saphire SAPPL04 Projector Lift, perfect for smaller projectors all the way through to the Future Automation PD3.5 Projector Lift which comes with three drop options and ultra quiet movement. Please feel free to take a look at our full range of Projector Lifts.


AV Installs not only provides a complete range of projector lifts from the world’s leading manufacturers we also have a wealth of experience installing projector lifts.

If you need any help specifying the correct lift for your application call the experts today for free independent advice please don’t hesitate to get on touch on 0800 669 6600 and speak to the motorised projector lift experts today.

Let’s Talk Ceiling Lifts

A TV lift is a basically an electrically powered system which moves a television. This can be horizontally or vertically in and out of furniture, the ceiling or walls. This not only allows the user to save space within a room, but it also allows them to integrate a TV into the design of a room. Today though specifically, I want to talk to you about ceiling lifts.

Ceiling lifts allow TV’s to be concealed horizontally within a ceiling and at a press of a button, hinged downward for perfect viewing. Many ceiling lifts are perfect for when you have a relatively small ceiling void area, or when you have limited space. They allow televisions to be concealed unobtrusively when not in use freeing up floor and wall space in any room.

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AV Installation – helping you work, rest and PLAY

So here we are – our final installement in the monthly series where we will be looking at the audio-visual industry and looking at ways which it can help us work, rest and play. This month we are looking at the world of play.  If you missed our previous installments then you can look back and read all about work and rest.

We’ve heard about how AV installation can help businesses strive, can help people relax but how can it help you play? Well, the answer is any way that you want it to!


There are  alot of gamers who love to step into a virtual world and AV Installation can really enhance that experience. Wide screen digital TV’s to give your picture quality and clarity, adjustable TV mounts set up to optimise your viewing experience as well as integrated sound systems all give the user the best possible experience.


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Background Music Systems

As touched in our last post: AV Installation – helping you work, REST and play – there is more to the world of AV than just TV’s. For those who prefer audio entertainment as opposed to visual then there is a whole world of background music systems for you to discover.

There are three main areas that this area can be optimised to enhance your business or home:

Background music systems for retail

Comsumers today are not simply just buying a product; if they wish to do that they can do so online very quickly at the post of a button. If they are shopping in your store then they are also buying the experience and music adds to that. Ther can be no doubt that people are influenced by music and you can easily use it to capture the attention of your demographic and draw them into your store. If they enjoy their experience with you, they will come back, and if they come back then they buy more.

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AV Installation – helping you work, REST and play

So here we are – our second installement in the monthly series where we will be looking at the audio-visual industry and looking at ways which it can help us work, rest and play. This month we are looking at the world of rest.  If you missed our first installment ‘work’ then you can catch up here.

For rest we’re going to look at the truest form of relaxing….watching TV. Which as you can guess is right at the heart of AV Installation. The service we can provide is all about setting up your TV and home entertainment system to enhance your viewing experience whilst optimising the space available to you within the home, and there are so many options available to you.

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Product Spotlight – CINEWALL® TV Wall

Imagine the scene, you’ve bought a new TV or have reorganised your living room and you want to wall mount your TV. You’ve done the work and now your faced with an ugly bunch of cables hanging down the middle of your wall….now this wasn’t the look you were looking for!  This is where TV walls and specifically CINEWALL®  can help as they offer very latest in wall mounted flat screen TV solutions.

Basically what this is, is a decorative panelled feature wall which offers an attractive solution to wall mounting flat screen TV’s and concealing all the interconnecting leads without the need to chase out and replaster. In short it is an ornamental panel system on top of an existing wall which allows customers to hide unsightly cables in an elegant way while providing a sleek and professional finish.

Sounds good right? Well it looks even better!

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AV Installation – helping you work, rest and play

Welcome to a new monthly series where we will be looking at the audio-visual industry and looking at ways which it can help us work, rest and play. This month we are starting in the world for work.

The first thing that most likely comes to mind when we imagine AV equipment in the workplace is rows of monitors, laptops and PC’s in an office environment. However, in the same way that not every workplace is the same, not every workplace has the same AV needs. Yes, there are offices but consider that office is a contact centre; dealing with the needs of incoming calls with customers. What these workers need is information; how many callers do they have waiting on the line? What is the average call length? How close are they to meeting the targets set for them by their employers? Well, we could help deliver this information by installing flat screen TV’s throughout offices in locations to provide optimum visibility to workers. Give them the information they need, and this will help them meet the needs of their customers and in turn will help the business.

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Does Santa wall mount his TV?

There are many pressing questions this festive period: Have we been naughty or nice? Which company has won the battle of the TV ads? Will we have room for Grandma around the Christmas table? And of course our favourite here at AV Installs HQ: do we think Santa has wall mounted his TV?

Lets be honest, as much as we love him, his physique does loan itself more towards time spent on the sofa versus time spent on the treadmill so we are in little doubt as to whether he owns one. The question is where we do think he has put it?  Looking back to our post in September where we discussed the benefits to wall mounting your TV, we need to consider whether Santa is the kind of person who would want to capitalise on all of these benefits? Continue reading