Religious Karaoke: technology in the Church

When you think about projectors you may think of personal use in the form of home cinema installations. Or business use perhaps in the form of presentation equipment. Or even education use in schools and universities. What wouldn’t usually immediately come to mind though would be the presence of projectors of the Church, in reality though technology is as present in the Church as any other sector.

You may have seen AV Installs pop up in the Telegraph recently as the fact is that Churches are spending more money year on year on audio-visual systems including projector screens and LCD TVs. As we mentioned in the article, technology in the Church has always been there it’s just moved more visible as time passes. Granted it’s an initial outlay for the Church, but in the long term replacing hymn books is a more cost effective solution to purchasing books year on year.

Technology in the Church is not new news though. For example, there has been the ability to record services for decades now along with radio and television which provides parisioners access to religious programmes at the push of a button. Not only that though, as computers provide efficiencies to the Church in the same way they do in every other industry. As an extension of that, the internet allows parisioners to connect in ways that were not possible in the past. The next generation is social and in order to attract them to services, then Churches are recognising that they should be too.

To stay relevant, the Church is evolving and the services themselves are embracing technology too as audio-visual plays a huge part in facilitating communication with parisioners. Amplifing sound in services means that all parisioners can hear the service. In addition to this, projectors mean that parisioners can now see more clearly and they help to make the service more accessible to everyone.


Photo credits: Photo by Ben White on Unsplash | AV Installs Photo Gallery

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