Future Automation HSE90 Motorised TV Wall Mount

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Future Automation HSE90 Motorised Articulated TV Wall Mount

The Future Automation HSE90 is designed for the largest TV screen sizes from 65" up to a staggering 98", or a maximuum screen width of 2200mm. The HSE boast's a maximum weight capacity of 125kg making this mount truly the Goliath of motorised TV mounts. The mount provides a full 90 degree swing out action and can be order in either direction, the unit comes complete with an IR remote control. The HSE90 comes as standard with a maximum 900 x 600 vesa mounting plate and including the following larger vesa patterns 800x400, 600x400, 400x400

Design Features
  • Sophisticated electronics allow for a favorite viewing position to be programmed via the IR remote control.
  • Mechanism allows up to 750mm extension of screen centre from wall.
  • All the power and signal cables for screen and mechanism can be concealed within the bracket.
  • Mechanism can be reversed from a left to a right - handed or from a right to a left - handed bracket simply and quickly during the installation process.
  • Super quiet and smooth action from parallel to wall out to 90 degree maximum movement.

Future Automation hSE90 movement

HSE90 Specifications
Screen SizeUp to 65" - 98"
Max Hole Spacing900 x 600mm
Max Weight Hold 125kg
Max Screen Dimensions2200mm wide fo 90 degrees
Articulation 0 to 90 degrees Clockwise or Anti Clockwise
Mechanism weightTBC
ControlIR Remote, switch control & RS232

Download Information

HSE90 product datasheet

Download HSE90 Product Datasheet

product direction sheet

Download HSE90 Direction Sheet

YouTube Video Of The PSE90 In Action

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Technical Picture & Dimensions of the HSE90 Motorised TV Wall Mount

Future Automation hSE90 dimensions

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  • Model: HSE90
  • Manufactured by: Future Automation

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