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Future Automation Motorised Picture Lift

Available in 3 models PIC1, PIC2, PIC3 catering for flatscreen TV's from 32" to 50"

This is the latest innovation from Future Automation the world’s leaders in creative lifting systems designed to hide flat screen televisions. This mechanism provides a motorised vertical motion for raising or lowering artwork to conceal a wall mounted TV screen recessed into the wall behind. The Lift comes in three different models catering for screen sizes from 32" to 50" and has a lifting capacity of 10kg. Included with the lift is a IR remote control along with RS232 and contact closure control enabling easy integration to any existing home automation control system. The motorised picture lift can be configured to raise or lower artwork dependant of available wall space for the artwork to move into.

The lift is designed to be used with the TV recessed into the wall and holds the artwork 10mm from the wall to avoid any obstructions during travel. The mechanisms motor provides a near silent smooth operation with adjustable travel strokes allowing installers to programme the exact travel of the lift.

AV Installs Ltd also offers full installation services for the vertical moving artwork lift and can also assist customers with printing and original artwork if required. If you’re looking to hide you television with moving artwork call AV Installs today on 0800 669 66 00.

Depth In Wall70mm70mm70mm
Max Weight Hold10kg10kg10kg
Total Travel560mm710mm860mm
Internal Picture Frame720mm870mm1020mm
Movement TypeMotorised Vertical SlideMotorised Vertical SlideMotorised Vertical Slide
Mechanisim weight9.5kg9.5kg9.5kg
MovementIR Remote, RF Remote, Contact Closure, RS232IR Remote, RF Remote, Contact Closure, RS232IR Remote, RF Remote, Contact Closure, RS232

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Product Downloads

UBL Technical Details

UBL Technical Details

UBL Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

Example of Vertical Panel Lift Movement.

Moving Artwork Lift
With a press of a button the picture smoothly and quietly raises to reveal the flat screen TV behind.
Product Video

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  • Model: PIC1, PIC2, PIC3
  • Manufactured by: Future Automation

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