Multimedia Projectors for an Improved Visual Experience
We have a vast range of cheap projectors in the UK. Whether you are setting up a home cinema or need something for business/educational purposes, we are confident that we have a projector that will suit both your budget and your needs.

We have a vast array of projectors for sale, subdivided into three main categories:
  • Projectors for Home Use
  • Projectors for Education
  • Projectors for Business

Sophisticated TV projectors on the UK market
There are basically four types of content that a contemporary projector can handle – data, photo, video and games. Before buying an appliance, consider what you will use a projector for. Projectors come packed with a variety of features, functions and resolutions and as a result, they all have different prices. Some projectors are aimed at handling simple graphics, and others are ideal for high-resolution films and games. The popularity of 3D has recently grown significantly, so many projectors are now 3D compatible. Thinking about going 3D? Then don’t forget that you will also need special 3D glasses.

Ultimate cinema experience with our home cinema projectors
The projectors designed for home use vary greatly in both price and features, but all of them can maximise your home viewing experience. Enjoy watching TV and films at the best possible quality as if you are in a cinema. Modern models can handle a vast range of multimedia functions from displaying 3D content to game playing. They are available with different resolutions from usual 720p to ultimate 4K. Note, home cinema projectors deliver a better image under theatre-dark conditions. Check out our collection of projectors
Each model is described clearly to give you deep insight into its functionality and features. Can’t find a projector that meets your demands and needs? Then please feel free to contact us on 0800 669 6600 and our experts will talk through your needs and find the right model for you.

The up-to-date projectors can maximise your visual experiences.

Multimedia Projectors for Improved Visual Experiences

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Venset TS700a Television Screen Lift MechanismVenset TS700a Television Screen Lift Mechanism
Venset TS700a Electric Flat TV Lift Mechanism Designed for medium sized LCD, LED...
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Venset TS1000a Motorised Television Screen LiftVenset TS1000a Motorised Television Screen Lift
Vesnet TS1000a Motorized TV Lift Mechanism Designed for larger LCD, LED and Plas...
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