Standard Projector and Interactive Board Installation

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AV Installs Ltd Standard Projector & Interactive Board Installation Service

Projector and Interactive Boards have been a part of education and professional presenations for many years now and AV Installs is proud to be part of the enhanced learning experience. AV Installs has put together a standard installation package offering a low cost professional installation service to the education and commercial sector.

Absolutely everything needed to get the best out of your projector and board purchase is inlcuded

The package contains the complete installation of ceiling mounted projector or wall mounted short throw projector using a mounting bracket either supplied by the customer or purchased sperately from AV Installs Ltd

15M cable pack containing:

> VGA for pc input

> Composite Video

> Twin Phonos

> 3.5mm stereo jack

> 5M USB lead

> 2M fly leads for all of above

The standard service also comes with a complete cable managment solution all cables will be contained in 25mm x 16mm white plastic trunking also included is all the trunking accessories, spiral and cable ties required to provide a professional neat installation

AV Installs also includes a surface mounted faceplate which is wall mounted near the PC and other AV equipment. The plate provides a professional user interface allowing connection's to the projector and interactive whiteboard.

Every installation comes compelte with a twelve month installation warranty and demonstaration

>>>>>>service includes

> wall or ceiling mounted projector

> interactive whiteboard installation

> cabling VGA, CV and audio

> wall mounted input plate

> installation of speakers

> interconnecting leads

> complete cable management

> configuration of interactive board and projector

> software loaded onto PC

> complete demonstration

> 12 month warranty

> maintenance contracts available

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Online Survey Questionairre

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Basic wiring diagram for standard service, all cables concealed in surface mounted 25mmx16mm white plastic conduit

Basic Wiring Diagram

  • Manufactured by: AV Installs Ltd

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