Training Room Projector & Screen Installation

In todays post we take a look at what would be considered bread and butter work at AV installs Ltd. A nice simple training room big screen & projector installation with a sprinkling of AV magic from ourselves. Initially we were contacted by a nationwide charity working with vulnerable people in community to assist them. They asked us to re install some old existing equipment and provide two new installations. The new installations were to replace outdated equipment that was no longer performing.

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Top 3 Things To Consider When Purchasing A Pop up TV Lift

In the following listicle we are going to take a brief look at the three most common things to consider when purchasing a pop up TV Lift. Let us first just take a moment to talk about what a pop up lift actually is and does.

Pop Up TV lifts are mechanical devices that allow customers to raise and lower their TV. This is done electronically using a remote control. They are used extensively in the furniture industry so that flat screen TVs can be hidden inside cabinets. With the press of a button the Lift raise the TV out of a hinged flap. When your done watching, press the button, the TV lowers into the cabinet and the hinged lid closes behind it. TV Lifts are also used by many DIY enthusiasts to hide their televisions in many creative ways

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Split Picture Moving Art Work Hidden TV

Ever since flat screen TV’s entered the domestic market they have become progressively lighter, larger and allot more affordable. Many TV and film lovers have invested in large format televisions so that they can enjoy all the latest home entertainment. As a result of this a TV can dominate a room especially as we have mentioned the larger screens. Many professional Audio Visual Installation companies and manufacturers have devised many different way of hiding flat screen TV’s. These include TV Lifts raising screens form furniture, fold down lifts lowering screens form ceiling and artwork lifts revealing TV’s from behind canvases. In todays post we are going to be looking at a recent installation that we provided for the Hilton Hotel, Park Lane, London using the Future Automation PICSPLIT 4.

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Different Types Of Tv Lifting Mechanism At AV Installers

Have you ever wondered that in how many ways you can create your home cinema? Certainly, there is plenty of worth appraising TV lifting mechanisms available. Some of them help you hide your tv in a way that no one can see. And some of them provide fixed support to mount it against the wall where it looks adorable. In this article, we’ll discuss about 5 different types of Tv lifting mechanisms that we are selling at AV installers.

Get to know about each of them and find which one is worth using for the next installation of your Brand-new TV set.  

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Audio Visual Equipment in Village Halls & Community Centre’s

In rural areas, village halls are an important source of community space that is used for a variety of occasions, including public meetings, wedding receptions, celebrations, and community events. Community centres appear to have sprung up all around in recent years. A decent community centre has areas for meetings, parties, and other activities in addition to recreational amenities like swimming pools and gyms. Many people don’t consider the technology that is essential to these projects, but a well-designed AV Installation for community centres has a significant impact on the facility’s appeal and usage.

Village halls hire audio-visual system design companies to design and build projection and sound systems that would be easy to use for dance lessons, public speaking engagements, and other events, but also powerful and adaptable enough to be used for concerts or pantomime season.

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How To Wall Mount A Tv? | Learn With Easy Steps

The day has finally come and you bring your shiny new flat screen TV home, there are two general options for installing it. You can place it on a traditional TV stand / cabinet or wall mount its using different mounting options available. Either way, the TV will need to find its perfect place in your room without effecting the decor and aesthetics. Allowing you to enjoy the cinematic experience without taking over the room. Sometimes, it becomes impossible to put that TV on a TV stand when there is less space or when the TV is giant!

Let’s discuss some of the best, most comfortable, and easy-to-mount ways for your TV to help you save space, give an eye-catching look, and do more.

In How Many Ways You Can Wall Mount A TV?

Wall mounting is not just hanging a TV on the wall by using a mounting bracket. It’s more than that when you are loaded with the latest technology tricks and tips. Here, we have listed four ways to wall mount your brand new Tv sets, either brand new ones or previously owned ones. Please have a look.

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A Definitive Guide on Motorised TV Lifts: Why Should You Buy TV Lifts?

Whether you’re interested in a minimalistic look or need to cover television screens for safety, investing in motorized TV lifts can go a long way. These remote-controlled gadgets are available in multiple designs, adapted for homes and businesses to accommodate individual needs.

As industry experts,  AV Installs LTD explains how motorized TV lifts work and why they make a worthy investment.

Let’s begin.

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