Guide To Fold Down TV Lift Mechanisms

In Ceiling fold down TV lift mechanisms are a great solution to enable you to hide your flat screen TV away when not in use. They are used extensively in high end hotels, luxury homes, yachts and in boardrooms. Adding a touch of class to anyone wanting to conceal their large screen TV’s as much as possible. There are a range of different sized models catering for all screen sizes up to 86″. There is also with a variety additional articulation options including 180 degree rotation and telescopic drop. In this post we are going to be taking a closer look at the different models of fold down in ceiling TV lifts and what applications they are suitable for.

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TV Wall Panel / Floating Media TV Walls

What is a TV Wall Panel ?

Do you want to create a more of feature to your home entertainment equipment ? would you like a clean neat and tidy cable free solution ? then media TV wall panels and floating TV walls may be the answer for you.

TV Panels offer a much more decorative approach to getting your TV mounted on the wall making more of a statement, a feature piece if you like. TV Wall Panels generally consist of a raised platform stepping away from the wall that allow decorative panels can be attached to. The TV is then mounted onto the decorative panel along with any sound bars, cabinets or floating shelves. Cables can be hidden in the cavity behind the decorative panel for a clean simple installation. This saves the need for cutting channels into the wall and replastering to hide the cables.

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5 Great Ways To Hide Your TV

Allot of people find flat screen TV’s unsightly. Even more so when they are off and just sat there being a big black rectangle. So customers tend to get smaller screens trying to mitigate this. Hoping that they wont be so prominent. especially in more traditional inspired or minimalist decors. In this post we are going to briefly look at 5 innovative ways to hide your TV in the home. Making them not so visible when not in use perfect for dual usage rooms.

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AV in Education

AV has always had a place in education – and as is the case with technology – its use has developed over time. The times of dot matrix printers in a communal computer lab have long gone. Replaced with a new generation of digital natives who demand technology in the classroom. In this post we’re going to explore a few of the trends which are taking place in education. Along with the way in which AV technology has helped.

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Connection Plates & Dolby Surround Sound

Before we speak too much about connection plates we need to talk about sound. More specifically surround sound. When we do, what comes to most people’s mind is Dolby surround sound and quite rightly so. As they are without a doubt a world leader when it comes to audio noise reduction and compression.

But did you know there are more than one type of Dolby surround sound speakers?

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Religious Karaoke: technology in the Church

When you think about projectors you may think of personal use in the form of home cinema installations. Or business use perhaps in the form of presentation equipment. Or even education use in schools and universities. What wouldn’t usually immediately come to mind though would be the presence of projectors of the Church, in reality though technology is as present in the Church as any other sector.

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Product Focus – Projector Lifts

Last month we took you through the history of the projector, all the way through from Chinese lanterns in 200BC all the way up to modern digital projectors. Luckily in today’s modern age, we no longer have large, cumbersome equipment which are difficult to store, and with the addition of projector lifts, we can even hide it out of sight for a sleek and smooth finish.

Similar to our TV lifts, a projector lift is a basically an electrically powered system which allows the user to conceal their projector into ceiling voids. At the press of a button people are able to lower the projector down to a height that has be pre-set which makes it both consistent and reliable, ensuring that the project returns to the same setting every time without having to set it all up manually.

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Let’s Talk Ceiling Lifts

http://Future Automation CHR4, CHR5 & CHR6 Ceiling Hinge TV Lift MechanismA TV lift is a basically an electrically powered system which moves a television. This can be horizontally or vertically in and out of furniture, the ceiling or walls. This not only allows the user to save space within a room, but it also allows them to integrate a TV into the design of a room. Today though specifically, I want to talk to you about ceiling lifts.

Ceiling lifts allow TV’s to be concealed horizontally within a ceiling and at a press of a button, hinged downward for perfect viewing. Many ceiling lifts are perfect for when you have a relatively small ceiling void area, or when you have limited space. They allow televisions to be concealed unobtrusively when not in use freeing up floor and wall space in any room.

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AV Installation – helping you work, rest and PLAY

So here we are – our final installement in the monthly series where we will be looking at the audio-visual industry and looking at ways which it can help us work, rest and play. This month we are looking at the world of play.  If you missed our previous installments then you can look back and read all about work and rest.

We’ve heard about how AV installation can help businesses strive, can help people relax but how can it help you play? Well, the answer is any way that you want it to!


There are  alot of gamers who love to step into a virtual world and AV Installation can really enhance that experience. Wide screen digital TV’s to give your picture quality and clarity, adjustable TV mounts set up to optimise your viewing experience as well as integrated sound systems all give the user the best possible experience.


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