Let’s Talk Ceiling Lifts

A TV lift is a basically an electrically powered system which moves a television. This can be horizontally or vertically in and out of furniture, the ceiling or walls. This not only allows the user to save space within a room, but it also allows them to integrate a TV into the design of a room. Today though specifically, I want to talk to you about ceiling lifts.

Ceiling lifts allow TV’s to be concealed horizontally within a ceiling and at a press of a button, hinged downward for perfect viewing. Many ceiling lifts are perfect for when you have a relatively small ceiling void area, or when you have limited space. They allow televisions to be concealed unobtrusively when not in use freeing up floor and wall space in any room.

That not all though, many lifts have a swivel function which means that you are not limited to a single viewing angle. Instead you are able to position the unit anywhere within a room and be able to watch it from wherever you wish. This is particularly useful for when you would like to watch TV in two rooms.

Thinking about getting one for yourself? Then why not check out our new range:

Future Automation CHR4, CHR5 & CHR6 Ceiling Hinge TV Lift Mechanism 

Future Automation CHRS4, CHRS5 & CHRS6 Ceiling Hinge TV Lift Mechanism With Swivel Rotation 

Future Automation CHRT4, CHRT5 & CHRT6 Ceiling Hinge TV Lift Mechanism With Telescopic Lowering 

Future Automation CHH7, CHH8 & CHH9 Heavy Duty Ceiling Hinge TV Lift Mechanism 

There’s something a little special about these lifts though; a completely new re design of the old CH series of ceiling tv lift hinge, the new design incorporates some brand new installer friendly features.

They are available is a RF remote option which will allow the lift to operate by remote out of the line of sight, a handy addition if the unit is not being configured to an existing control system.

The New CHR range also features an MDF “Plaster In Edge”. This allows for a neat installation into the ceiling which is designed to eliminate any visibility on the ceiling flange around the mechanism itself. This new addition helps to create the perfect seamless installation with only the thinnest of shadow gaps around the lid when closed.

All the CHR units are shipped as one whole unit ready to install this greatly reduces the chance of errors upon installation and streamlines the entire installation process.

To discuss your needs and how a new ceiling list installing AV equipment can help you, please do not hesitate to contact our experts on 0800 669 6600.

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