Product Focus – Projector Lifts

Last month we took you through the history of the projector, all the way through from Chinese lanterns in 200BC all the way up to modern digital projectors. Luckily in today’s modern age, we no longer have large, cumbersome equipment which are difficult to store, and with the addition of projector lifts, we can even hide it out of sight for a sleek and smooth finish.

Similar to our TV lifts, a projector lift is a basically an electrically powered system which allows the user to conceal their projector into ceiling voids. At the press of a button people are able to lower the projector down to a height that has be pre-set which makes it both consistent and reliable, ensuring that the project returns to the same setting every time without having to set it all up manually.


Perhaps you’re not sure if your facilities warrant a projector lift? Then don’t worry though as projector lifts come in a variety of sizes to accommodate everything from small meeting room projectors right through to large installation projectors. They also come in a variety of drops so there really is a projector lift for every job.

Perhaps you have a meeting room which needs a variety of equipment or you have an establishment such as a church or Victorian building where you’d like electronics hidden. Maybe you have a hotel or conferencing facility where rooms have dual uses in which case equipment needs to be stored when not in use or even a home cinema where you would like a smooth and clean finish. Whatever your need, then there is a lift that will be able to meet it.

An added benefit to using a lift is that it removes the need to either disconnect the projector or stand on ladders, access towers or cherry pickers to change a bulb. The lift allows the user to lower the projector to ground level for easy maintenance. Not only that though as projector lifts offer an enhanced level of security as when not in use, equipment is stored way, safely out of sight from potential thieves.


There are a wide variety of lifts to choose from. The most common is one that uses a scissor mechanism to move the lift up into its casing or into the ceiling void. However, there are also mirror lifts available for standard height ceilings which when the projector is mounted above the ceiling in the void and a mirror folds down into the room to reflect the projected image onto the screen or wall.

In our store, we have a wide range of lifts ranging from the Saphire SAPPL04 Projector Lift, perfect for smaller projectors all the way through to the Future Automation PD3.5 Projector Lift which comes with three drop options and ultra quiet movement. Please feel free to take a look at our full range of Projector Lifts.


AV Installs not only provides a complete range of projector lifts from the world’s leading manufacturers we also have a wealth of experience installing projector lifts.

If you need any help specifying the correct lift for your application call the experts today for free independent advice please don’t hesitate to get on touch on 0800 669 6600 and speak to the motorised projector lift experts today.

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