Interactive Touch Screens

Interactive Touch Screens

At AV Installs, we offer a large range of different interactive touch screens, all of which are specifically chosen to provide high-end features for those within sectors such as business and education. They are fast becoming the technology of choice for many of our customers, outstripping the benefits of other competitors such as projectors and white boards. Every business and educational establishment can reap the benefits of an interactive touch screen, so why not contact us today to find out more?

What Are Interactive Touch Screens?

We understand that, for some, the concept of an interactive touch screen is an alien one, which is why we want to provide some basic details for you below. Of course, different interactive touch screens have different features though, so for a more detailed overview please click on the specific pages for the different models we sell.
An interactive touch screen is essentially a monitor, but with a huge amount of functions built in – the main one being that the user can manipulate the screen simply through touch. One press on the screen can initiate a number of different actions, from scrolling through slides to creating graphs, diagrams and strong visual effects. It removes the need for a mouse and keyboard, therefore making for a much cleaner, smarter install – as well as the need to maintain large amounts of hardware devices – plus the power requirements are far lower than a standard projector.
Interactive touch screens come in a variety of sizes, but at AV Installs we specialise in the retail of larger interactive touch screens – interactive touch screens that are perfect for educational or business environments. We understand that cost is a major consideration for those in these two fields as well, which is why we endeavour to not only provide the lowest prices possible, but to also offer comprehensive guarantees on all the products we sell.

Advantages for Businesses

Business owners will find an interactive touch screen to be a huge advantage, assisting employees to increase productivity, and present ideas in a modern, impressive way to clients. It should also be mentioned that an interactive touch screen typically offers over 50,000 hours of use, making it a long term solution and a much more reliable alternative to the traditional projector. As all businesses are run with profit and cost in mind, the knowledge that these screens last so long can only make them a good long term investment.
An interactive touch screen is also a fantastic collaborative tool, allowing multiple users to manipulate content on the screen simultaneously. This makes for a much more dynamic work environment – a work environment where employees can easily convey their ideas to others without having to sit at separate desks and work on separate computers. For businesses focusing on design and creativity, an interactive touch screen won’t just look impressive: it will also contribute towards innovative and cutting edge work from employees. So, can your business afford not to gain extra productivity, higher creativity and a more impressive technological set-up for clients to marvel at?

Advantages for Educational Establishments

It isn’t just the business world that benefits from interactive touch screens. We’ve seen more and more schools and universities utilising the tremendous features of them to great effect, creating learning environments to rival the best in the world. The younger generation thrive on interactivity – as can be seen by smart phones and tablets – and interactive touch screens play to these strengths, providing a platform for them to excel. What’s more, the social aspect of interactive touch screens also allows pupils of all ages to seamlessly work together on projects, as well as get to grips with technology that they will be using when in the workplace later in life.
Interactive touch screens also make the perfect canvas for presentations, either to a classroom of seven year old's or to a hall full of university students. Gone are the days of rubbing chalk from the blackboard – now teachers and lecturers can manipulate the screen to convey ideas and provide crisp visual representations of subjects they are teaching. As with the advantages for businesses, this amazing functionality also comes with a lower cost than you might think, as well as amazing support from us both in installation and on-going advice.

If you believe that your organisation could benefit from an interactive touch screen, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. We’ll be able to provide you with all the advice you need on your purchase, as well as answer any questions you might have. You can call us on Call 0800 669 6600 or send us an email at

AV Installs offers screens for the following manufactures in size’s ranging from 42” right up to 84”
  • Ctouch.
  • Smart.
  • Promethean.
  • Clevertouch.
  • Samsung.
  • iiYAMA.
  • Philips.

If you require any assistance with interactive touch display screens please don’t hesitate to Contact Us. AV Installs Ltd also offers a full range of professional installation services and complimentary products.

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