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Flat-Screen TV lift Systems:

Hide Your TV in Furniture, Ceilings, Walls, Under the Bed or Behind Artwork

Flat Screen Televisions are common place in homes nowadays, it’s hard to strike a balance between wanting a large screen to watch and then not wanting a big clunky TV in view when not in use. This is where AV installs can help we have a large variety of products to hide your TV’s in all manner of ways depending on your circumstances. We offer the largest range of TV Lift Mechanisms form the leading manufacturers all backed by long warranties and expert after sales support from people who use and install these products regularly. TV lifts come in all shapes and sizes catering from smaller TV’s right up to massive 100 inch large format screens. Our lift mechanism are used to hide flat screens in innovative ways such us raising out of a piece of furniture, lowering from a ceiling, sliding out from under a bed or being revealed from behind a piece of artwork. Our friendly staff and expert installers can help you quietly and discreetly reveal your hidden TV and maintain the aesthetics of your interior so that your TV is not always on display. If you would like to discuss what solutions are available for your needs then please don't hesitate to get in touch on Call 0800 669 6600

What is a Motorised TV lift mechanism and how does it work?

The lift system usually consists of a metal frame that fits to the display, a linear actuator that moves it, and a switch or remote that brings the construction to action and regulates the position of the TV. Our television lift systems come with remote controls to make your user experience even more convenient. The mechanism is pretty simple. The trickiest part is the installation and AV Installs has a wealth of experience in providing custom installation with Hidden Television's. The level of complexity depends on the type of the solution required, the easiest option is to hide the display behind a piece of furniture. Making it lower from out of ceiling or raising out of a cabinet is a more complicated task. No project is too complex for our specialist installers! Rest assured, they will help you find the optimal solution to fit your flat screen TV seamlessly into any interior.

Buy TV lifts from the leading world manufacturers

AV Installs offers TV lifts for sale at the most competitive prices and has the largest section of TV lifts in the UK from the world’s leading manufacturers. We provide free of charge expert advice for anyone seeking a professional solution and carry a range of lifts to suit any budget so call us on Call 0800 669 6600 if you need any assistance.
Why you should buy TV lift from us AV Installs has been in the industry for over fifteen years now. During this time our engineers have completed thousands of installations. We are not afraid of a challenge! If you have a difficult project nobody wants to take on, just contact us, and we will work out a solution. AV Installs offers the widest range of TV lifts in the UK making sure you have access to the most advanced innovative technologies available on the market.

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Monthly Specials For December

Future Automation AL675 Motorised Flat Screen Lift
Future Automation AL675 Motorised Flat Screen Lift
Future Automation AL675 Motorised Flat Screen TV Lift The Future Automation AL675 flat screen lift is a stunning new TV lift mechanism suita...
10% off
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Venset TS1000a Motorised Television Screen Lift
Venset TS1000a Motorised Television Screen Lift
Vesnet TS1000a Motorised TV Lift Mechanism Designed for larger LCD, LED and Plasma TV screens up to 70" this mechanism han...
5% off
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Venset TS600B Flat Screen Lift
Venset TS600B Flat Screen Lift
Venset TS600b Electric Flat Screen TV Lift Mechanism Designed for small to medium sized modern flat screen TVs up to...
7% off
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Venset TS700a Television Screen Lift Mechanism
Venset TS700a Television Screen...
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Venset TS1000a Motorised Television Screen Lift
Venset TS1000a Motorised...
£415.83  £395.82
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Venset TS600B Flat Screen Lift
Venset TS600B Flat Screen Lift
£291.66  £270.82
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£186.66  £167.99
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