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Whether you’re creating an entertainment setup in your bedroom or your dedicated home theatre, you’ll want to ensure your TV is in the right position for the optimal viewing experience.

If there’s one thing that’s a sore sight for your eyes, it’s cables sticking out of your TV and running across the outlet. It’s a cluttered look that detracts from your home entertainment setup, affecting its aesthetics and, more importantly, your viewing experience.

If you’re in the same boat as many other homeowners with state-of-the-art home entertainment systems, floating TV walls and media TV wall panels are the solutions you need.

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Mounting your TV to the wall has become a standard practice for most homeowners. Firstly, it makes your TV the centerpiece. In addition, it also helps save valuable space, particularly if your room doesn’t have ample space to begin with, which can be excruciating to plan around for many homeowners.

TV Wall panels or floating TV walls are raised platforms stepping away from the wall. These platforms allow you to attach decorative panels. You can then mount your TV onto these decorative panels with soundbars, cabinets, or floating shelves to round off the look. These decorative panels are also incredibly beneficial because they allow you to hide cables in the cavity behind them. As a result, you can bid farewell to messy cables cluttering your home entertainment setup. In addition, TV wall panels and floating TV walls also eliminate the need for you to cut channels into the wall and replaster it to hide the cables.

The best thing about incorporating TV wall panels or floating TV walls into your viewing setup is that you have endless finishing options at your disposal. You can use different flooring types like natural woods and high gloss laminates. You can also install feature lighting to make your home entertainment setup more stylish and appealing. Floating TV walls and TV wall panels also support different types of wall mounts. For instance, AV Installs can insert a decorative 3D wall panel behind your floating TV wall panel if you want decorative lighting effects.

AV Installs creates these TV wall panels and floating TV walls. Therefore, you’re guaranteed quality. Get in touch with us today to improve your home entertainment setup with our TV wall panels and floating TV walls.

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