Venset TS1000a Motorised Television Screen Lift

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Vesnet TS1000a Motorized TV Lift Mechanism

Designed for larger LCD, LED and Plasma TV screens up to 70" the TS1000A handles very larger screen with ease offering a near silent motor. Despite the long stroke, the unit only requires a build-in height of 750mm. The lift is complete with an anti-squeeze safety protection feature, If the moving parts of the lift or the Plasma/LCD mounted on the lift meet an obstacle in the down-going motion, the lift will stop and reverse. The pressure given before reversing is equal to the weight of the TV that is mounted.

The TS 1000 Motorized TV Lift can be used to raise a flat screen TV from custom furniture or lower a flat screen TV from the ceiling. It comes as standard in raise mode but full instructions are included to configure the unit to lower, making the lift very useful for ceiling TV Lift installations

If you would like to talk to someone about any technical questions or need help deciding which lift mechanism would be suitable please call 0800 669 6600.

Key things to take into account when ordering a lift.

1. your build in height (minimum height required to house the TV Lift)

2. your lift stroke (maximum travel on the lift for your TV to raised from the cabinet)

Helpful note

Take note of the total height of your screen add this to the thickness of the cabinet lid or opening that screen is coming from also add a little tolerance for the guard that protects your TV from making contact with the cabinet lid. This will be the total amount of lift or stroke that you will require to raise and lower your TV screen from a cabinet or ceiling void.

If your in any doubt please call 0800 669 6600.

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TS1000a Specifications
maximum screen sizeup to 70"
build in height(excluduing lifter)750mm
total lifting stroke1000mm
toatl lift range750mm to 1750mm
lifting capacity5kg to 60kg
depth of lift72mm
lid lifter setting46mm to 286mm
input power100v to 240v ac
vesa mountings600x400, 600x200, 600x100, 400x400, 400x200, 400x100,300x300, 200x200, 200x100
TV mounting bracketsY horizontal & vertical
manual switchY
RF remoteY
lid lifterY
adjustable strokeY
reversable operationY
anti squeeze safetyY
warranty12 months
IR remoteoptional

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Technical Picture & Dimensions of TS1000a

Venset TS100a TV Lifts

For Help Please Call 0845 474 1476

  • Model: TS1000a
  • Manufactured by: Venset

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