TV Lift Mechanisms

Flat-screen TV lift systems:

Now you can blend your television set into any interior design

Any modern house or apartment is incomplete without a high-resolution home entertainment display. Nowadays flat-screen TVs come in all shapes and sizes. However, they do not always organically fit into the interior design you have chosen for your bedroom, kitchen, theatre or living room. This is where AV Installs comes in! Our innovative motorised TV lift mechanisms will help you discreetly hide your flat screen TV behind the furniture, inside a cabinet, in the wall or the ceiling, under your bed and even behind a piece of art. We have all seen displays sliding as if out of nowhere in the movies. Make it your reality with AV Installs!

What is a TV lift mechanism and how does it work?

The lift system usually consists of a metal frame that fits the display, a linear actuator that moves it, and a switch that brings the construction to action and regulates the position of the frame. Our television lift systems come with handy remote controls to make your user experience even more convenient. The mechanism is pretty simple. The trickiest part is the installation. The level of complexity depends on the type of the TV lift. The easiest option is to hide the display behind a piece of furniture. Making it go down from a niche in the ceiling or popping out of a cabinet is a more complicated task. No project is too complex for our specialists! Rest assured, they will help you find the optimal solution to fit your flat screen TV seamlessly into any interior.

Buy TV lifts from the leading world manufacturers

AV Installs offers TV lifts for sale for competitive prices. All of our merchandise comes from the absolute market leaders – Venset Lifts and Future Automation. Venset Lifts specialise in systems for raising or lowering displays from the furniture or the ceiling. They operate smoothly and quietly. You can control Venset Lifts systems both manually and remotely. As for Future Automation, they have recently introduced a revolutionary Bed End TV Lift that helps utilise the otherwise completely wasted space under your bed. Another great option from Future Automation is the low-level chest lift that is the perfect alternative for under-bed systems.

Haven’t found what you need on our website?

Client satisfaction is our top priority. So we are always happy to cater to your specific needs. Place a special order and get a custom made flat screen TV lift that would fit your room perfectly. Not sure what type of lift to choose? Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 0800 669 6600 to get FREE expert advice.

Why you should buy TV lift from us

AV Installs has been in the field for over eight years now. During this time our engineers have installed thousands of lifts. We are not afraid of a challenge! If you have a difficult project nobody wants to take on, just contact us, and we will work out a solution. AV Installs offers the widest range of TV lifts in the UK making sure you have access to the most current technologies available on the market.
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